Features & Components Included

The Blue1 DEF drum cart is designed for extended service lift and easy use in a variety of operational environments. Our DEF drum carts feature a Blue1 diaphragm style DEF pump and up to 20 ft. of DEF hose. This is a complete, closed system that allows the end-user to safely move a 55-gallon drum to the point of dispense.

  • Works with Blue1 TD1 or TD12V Pumps
  • Fits 55 Gallon Drum (not included)
  • Accommodates 10 or 20 ft. Dispense Hose
  • Closed, Secure System with Blue1 High Flow Valve and Coupler
  • 16 Gauge Steel, Powder Coated Body
  • Lockable Front Wheel
  • Durable, Heavy Duty
  • Battery Mount Option Available

(Drum not included.)

You may also need:

  • 601-005-0 4 Pin Valve Install Tool
  • 602-004-0 Tamper Evident Wire Seal
  • 606-002-1 Replacement Back Wheel
  • 606-002-2 Replacement Back Axle
  • 606-002-3 Replacement Front Wheel
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