Privacy Policy

At SSECO SOLUTIONS , we are strongly committed to privacy security. We take this matter very seriously. Therefore, we will not release any personal data about you to third parties. Instead, any information entered on our website or otherwise collected by SSECO SOLUTIONS will be known only between you and SSECO SOLUTIONS. If you would like SSECO SOLUTIONS to share your information we will need written consent from you stating that we have your permission to do so.

The contact information you provide to SSECO SOLUTIONS may sometimes be used to inform you of new products or service offerings but will not be used for any other reason or sold to third parties. You may also change the status of any subscriptions you may have to SSECO SOLUTIONS publications at any time. You are free to delete or modify your registration information as well.

Billing information is collected and used only to bill customers for their order and is never released to anyone for any reason unless there is a legal request for such information.

SSECO SOLUTIONS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any Web sites that their website links to.