The DEF Industry’s first complete line of DEF pumps and remote dispensers

The DEF Bennett 300 and 400 BlueFueler® Series is a class of DEF dispensers designed for use in commercial and retail locations where demanding users require durability, ruggedness and affordability. The DEF BlueFueler® Series is based on worldclass engineering providing users with a solid return on investment due to high reliability and a low cost of ownership.


  • Weights and Measures (NIST) approved DEF meter to ensure precise fluid measurement
  • Ideal for use with aboveground and underground storage tanks
  • Stainless steel rotary meter, with only two moving parts, providing maximum durability
  • One or two dispensing points for DEF and/or Diesel
  • Optional heating system for cold weather applications
  • Optional pulser output for interface to popular commercial cardlock systems
  • Bennett electronics interface with many POS systems in retail applications
  • Optional PCI compliant VeriFone Secure PumpPAY® payment system for retail applications, available only with single hose-per-side units
  • Single board electronic design for highest reliability and low cost of ownership
  • Corrosion resistant construction and UV protection offers maximum durability
  • Hydraulic lines include check valves to ensure wetted components
  • Optional internal 20 foot hose reels
  • LED back lighting, energy efficient and long lasting
  • Local Preset option available by dollar or volume (retail units only)
  • Volume measurement available in gallons, liters or imperial gallons
  • Available with or without dollar registration
  • Front mount Diesel nozzle boot

More Information

Models include (remote dispensers, 10 GPM DEF and up to 60 GPM Diesel flow rates):

310D – commercial (gallons-only), side A, DEF
310E – commercial (gallons-only), side A, DEF & Diesel
320F – commercial (gallons-only), side A, DEF & Diesel, side B, Diesel satellite
320D – commercial (gallons-only), side A, DEF, side B, DEF
410D – retail (dollar and gallon), side A, DEF
410E – retail (dollar and gallon), side A, DEF & Diesel
420F – retail (dollar and gallon), side A, DEF & Diesel, side B, Diesel satellite
420D – retail (dollar and gallon), side A, DEF, side B, DEF

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