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Successful Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid Handling, Storage & Dispensing

Although urea is a widely produced chemical compound used for years by the agriculture industry to infuse nitrogen into soil, the term “diesel exhaust fluid” (DEF), a specific composition of urea for
application in transportation, only recently entered the lexicon of the U.S. fleet industry with the advent of a particular type of clean exhaust system called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

Since 2006, DEF (known as AdBlue in Europe) has been a familiar product in Europe where strict limits on the amount of air pollutants permitted from diesel exhaust have been in place longer than in the U.S.

DEF will be required in most 2010 diesel vehicles in order to replenish the clean exhaust systems using SCR. Because these systems are sensitive and the material must remain pure, quality and training are key concerns for anyone marketing or handling DEF.

Distribution networks and certification systems are being established to meet the anticipated need for quality DEF through truckstops and retail outlets and to accommodate a wide variety of dispensing options.

This White Paper will provide a complete picture of DEF’s history, the political background that’s driving demand, how it is produced, distributed, safely handled, stored, dispensed and likely to be priced. And it’ll indicate the future of DEF in the U.S., projecting future demand for the product and characterizing its role in improving fuel mileage in fleets and helping to clean the air.

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