We’re a major distributor of SPATCO Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) systems & equipment. SSECO SOLUTIONS is located in Cleveland Ohio. We distribute DEF equipment in all of North America.

In late 2007, SPATCO began engineering and designing a line of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing and storage systems to address the EPA’s mandates for reduced NOx emissions. After spending the past two years developing and testing equipment, SPATCO has positioned itself as the premier manufacturer of DEF dispensing equipment in North America. SPATCO has since teamed up with SSECO SOLUTIONS to distribute and handle customers in the Ohio Area. On this website, you can find a complete listing of our DEF products, as well as background information on SPATCO’s distributor of choice for the Ohio region, SSECO SOLUTIONS. In an effort to help Ohio area customers meet the EPA’s mandates for reduced NOx emissions, SSECO SOLUTIONS has partnered with the premier DEF dispensing equipment manufacturer in North America, SPATCO DEF. SSECO SOLUTIONS offers fluid dispensing system products for fleets of all sizes, construction and agriculture equipment, as well as retail truck stops – and provides certified installation and service for your diesel exhaust fluid dispenser and equipment.

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